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Lord Martin Rees - Astronomer Royal, Former President of The Royal Society, Aluna Honorary Patron

Nicky Gavron - London Assembly Member, Former Deputy Mayor of London, Aluna Honorary Patron

Councillor Denise Hyland - Leader of Royal Greenwich

Nick Raynsford MP - Member of Parliament, Greenwich & Woolwich

Science Museum, London

Sir Patrick Moore - Astronomer

Brian Eno - Musician & Writer

Dame Jude Kelly OBE - Artistic Director, South Bank Centre

Sir Terry Farrell - Architect & Thames Gateway master planner, Aluna Honorary Patron

Professor the Baroness Lola Young of Hornsey OBE

Mike Davies CBE - Director, Rogers Stirk and Partners, Architects

Tim Smit KBE, Co-founder, The Eden Project

Adrian Wyatt OBE - Quintain Estates and Development

Pascal Mittermaier - Lend Lease

Jane Pritchard - Business In The Community

Master David Gordon - The Company of Watermen & Lightermen

Gavin McAlpine - Sir Robert McAlpine Group

Dr Stephanie Merry - Renewable Energy Association and Focus Offshore Ltd

Dava Sobel - Author "Longitude"

Dr Robert Massey - Royal Astronomical Society

Richard Dawkins FRS - Prof of the Public Understanding of Science, Author "The Selfish Gene"

David Rooney - writer, historian and former Curator of Timekeeping at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich

Venu Dhupa - British Council

Dr Ian Gibson - Former Chair, House of Commons Select Committee on Science and Technology

Jay Griffiths - Author "Pip Pip - A Sideways Look at Time"

Dr Usama Hasan - Islamic Astronomer, Lecturer at Royal Observatory Greenwich, Member of The City Circle, Imam at Tawhid Mosque, East London

Peter Lang - Resurgence Magazine

Rabbi Kathleen de Magtige-Middleton - Middlesex New Synagogue

Lionel Sims - Principal Lecturer Anthropology, University of East London

National Oceanography Centre

Alan Ereira - Film-maker "From the Heart of the World: The Elder Brothers' Warning"

Carl Honoré - Author "In Praise of Slow"

Jane Taylor - Positive News

Thames Explorer Trust

Docklands Light Railway

Samantha Heath - Director, London Sustainability Exchange

Counciller Denise Jones - London Borough of Tower Hamlets

Bob Harris - Chair of TourEast London

Paul Allen FRSA - Development Director, Centre for Alternative Technology

Rita Bensley - Chair, Association of Island Communities

Three Faiths Forum

Robert G Crouch MVO - HM Bargemaster Ret., former Master of The Company of Watermen & Lightermen

Dr Ken Collins, Ocean and Earth Science, National Oceanography Centre Southampton

Liverpool John Moores University Astrophysics Research Institute


What our endorsers say

Lord Martin Rees, Astronomer Royal & Former President of The Royal Society
"Aluna will be a beautiful and monumental new feature on the London waterfront. It celebrates a tradition of maritime and astronomical achievements. It also reminds us of our dependence on the tides and their near-eternal cycles, and of our powerful connections with nature and the cosmic environment."

Nicky Gavron, London Assembly Member and Former Deputy Mayor of London
"The Aluna Moon Clock project is amongst the most interesting and imaginative proposals I have seen while being Deputy Mayor and an extraordinary example of a living landmark.
The measurement of time has roots in the old Greenwich Royal Observatory and the establishment of the Greenwich datum and Greenwich Mean Time as world standards.
London is the most diverse and cosmopolitan city on Earth. The Moon has an important place in many cultures and religions. The Aluna Clock will therefore become a focus of community understanding and inclusion as well as a landmark and a scientific instrument.
The Aluna Clock is an exceptional project and an extraordinary example of public art. It is essential to maintain the momentum and turn an excellent concept into reality on the ground."

Jon Tucker, Head of Science Museum
"Highly innovative and thoughtful... a terrific addition to the cityscape... a great example of human ingenuity linking the past to the future."

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Councillor Denise Hyland, Leader of Royal Borough of Greenwich, London
Aluna will be a beautiful piece of public art combining time and tide. It has a natural alignment with Royal Greenwich in many ways.
Greenwich is recognised worldwide for its Maritime World Heritage Site, 02 Arena, Royal Artillery Barracks, Thames Barrier and other iconic landmarks. I believe the addition of Aluna to this suite of attractions will act as both an inspiration for our residents and students, and a major international tourist attraction.
Personally I can think of no better place for Aluna to be sited than here in Royal Greenwich and I am delighted that the position you are proposing is at 0 Longitude. Not only is this a hugely significant location in terms of how we consider influence of the moon on our maritime activities, it will also celebrate the heritage of our river based city.
I am pleased that you are already working with Royal Greenwich officers to deliver Aluna and wish you every success in bringing this phenomenal landmark to our shores."


Nick Raynsford MP - Member of Parliament, Greenwich & Woolwich, London
"I am delighted to welcome the very special and exciting Aluna project to Greenwich. Our maritime history and reputation as home of the Prime Meridian make Greenwich the ideal location for Aluna which explores the relationships of the moon, the tides and time in a highly imaginative way. Aluna will be yet another Greenwich landmark for visitors and local residents alike and will be another 2012 legacy in our Olympic borough."

The late Sir Patrick Moore, Astronomer
"An interesting and very valuable project."

Dame Jude Kelly OBE, Artistic Director, South Bank Centre
Aluna is symbolic of the quality of imagination and creativity of our homegrown artists. We must find ways to enable individuals to express their visions on the large canvass which will enhance the public realm."

Sir Terry Farrell, Architect & Thames Gateway Masterplanner, Mayor's Design Advisory Panel
"The Aluna project is easily among the most exciting new projects and major visitor attractions for London’s Thames. Laura Williams’ brilliant idea links the moon and tides in an iconic sculptural form that is powered by tidal turbines and made of recycled glass and steel. It is symbolic of the vision for East London and the Thames Gateway as an exciting place to live and work. I am very keen that all of us who are interested in the tidal Thames will find a way to realise the fundraising and construction of this beautiful project."

Professor the Baroness Lola Young of Hornsey OBE
"The influence of the moon is a recurring feature in many different cultures and belief systems. The Aluna Project will provide an exciting, significant opportunity for intercultural dialogue between communities; celebrating the moon as a shared symbol in an inclusive humanity is an innovative, ground-breaking way to build bridges. I hope this creative project achieves its full potential to bring a high quality cultural experience to a wide range of people."

Mike Davies CBE, Director, Rogers Stirk Harbour and Partners, Architects
"Aluna caught my imagination as a beautiful, large scale sculptural object, inspired and shaped by art, science, environmental and educational participatory opportunities, all wrapped into one element which has a certain universal quality. The site proposed for Aluna is well chosen, being a key public Thames riverside site, strategically placed at the south end of the Lea Valley Olympic Park and opposite the O2. Aluna will add art and inspiration to an area which will become part of the Olympic focus, but where all too few cultural, aesthetic and artistic interventions exist."

Tim Smit KBE, Co-founder & CEO The Eden Project,
"Aluna is exactly the sort of modern work of art that graces a big city stage because it deals with serious issues, connects us with time and tide, is within sight of the world's most famous place as regards time (Greenwich), and will be instantly recognised around the world for what it is - an elegant, sophisticated yet accessible work which is also - useful."

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Adrian Wyatt OBE, CEO, Quintain Estates and Development
"The Aluna project is a mystical, magical, horological masterpiece which reflects and embraces Greenwich's maritime history. Moon, River to Lunar Time."


Pascal Mittermaier, Head of Sustainability EMEA, Lend Lease
"Aluna is a wonderful example of 'sustainability in practice': a stimulus for reflection on time, place, technology, materials, history and our future. It has the potential to be a true icon for Greenwich, London and the nation."


Jane Pritchard, Legacy Director, Business in the Community
"Aluna is a truly inspirational project. It will provide London with a fantastic new visitor attraction that will showcase new technologies, support the community and bring economic benefit to East London. "

Master David Gordon - The Company of Watermen & Lightermen
"Aluna is a wonderful idea and has the wholehearted support of the Watermen's and Lightermen's Company. Tide and time control the working lives of Watermen and Lightermen and we could think of no finer feature alongside the Thames for Londoners than a reminder of our dependence on the lunar tides."

Gavin McAlpine, Renewable Energy Systems Ltd & Sir Robert McAlpine Ltd
"The Aluna project has the potential to develop further people’s understanding of the critical issues of our time – climate change, renewable energy and regeneration. In its simplicity it will be incredibly powerful and would substantiate the necessity for effective communication in this era of global challenges and local fragmentation. Being located in the Thames Gateway regeneration area it would be important symbolically, as well as being a further catalyst for change. This is an exciting project to be associated with and we hope now that others will share this enthusiasm and the Aluna vision."

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Dr Stephanie Merry, Renewable Energy Association

"The Aluna tidal-powered Moon Clock is a potential catalyst and a positive illuminating symbol for the British tidal power industry. The publicity and prestige this project is already generating will provide a highly visible and public demonstration of tidal-stream power and showcase of UK tidal stream generation technologies, in which we lead the world.
This project will also provide additional energy and a practical demonstration of tidal energy to the surrounding community by feeding any excess energy produced back to domestic homes in the area.
The Renewable Energy Association is delighted be involved and offers its full support to the Aluna Project."

Dava Sobel, Author "Longitude"
"Our Moon helped all the world’s great navigators find their way. How I long to see her thanked and celebrated in this tidal clock…"

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Dr Robert Massey, Astronomer
"Aluna uses modern technology to link the very visible movement of the tides with the Sun and Moon. A project which embodies the new spirit of collaboration between art and science, it will allow ordinary people to better understand the movement of our nearest celestial neighbours. I’m delighted to endorse Aluna and wish Laura and her team every success with the project."

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David Rooney, writer, historian and former Curator of Timekeeping at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich
"Aluna is a remarkable project. It provokes conversations and raises questions about the nature of time and space, and, more importantly, about us: how our actions and inventions and hopes and fears sit in a long time and a big space. We need Aluna; we need to be reminded about our past and our future, and what a magnificent and gentle and beautiful reminder it is."

Venu Dhupa - British Council
"I think Aluna has the potential for an interfaith dimension that can be used to explore shared values. It could be a potent symbol of us imagining an holistic and peaceful future."

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Dr Ian Gibson, Former Member of Parliament and Chair, House of Commons Select Committee on Science and Technology
"Technology, innovation, inspirational science education and the public understanding of science are leading concerns of the day... Aluna is an eloquent expression of all of these and a stunning example of the kind of science/art projects Britain should be championing.
If we really want to demonstrate our seriousness about all our current science-related concerns, we need to have the courage to take on bold projects like Aluna that help integrate science into our culture.
The environmental setting of the piece alongside a visitors’ centre, which will help elucidate the scientific and cultural thinking behind it and the understanding of our universe it offers, will make for a stimulating and educational sight that I am sure many will travel to see."

Jay Griffiths, Author "Pip Pip - A Sideways Look at Time" and "Wild"
"Aluna is both art and a way of thinking; revealing the beauty of an undersung world; the Moon in an over-solar society, the tides in a dry urban setting and the subtle grace of nature's times in a world too dominated by clocks."

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Dr Usama Hasan - Islamic Astronomer, Lecturer at Royal Observatory Greenwich, Member of The City Circle, Imam at Tawhid Mosque, East London
"In a world where the human spirit, soul and society are becoming increasingly-fragmented, ALUNA is a refreshing project that brings together art, science and spirituality: a welcome expression of the cosmos' underlying unity-in-diversity that reflects the Divine Unity."

Peter Lang, London Representative, Resurgence Magazine
"A breathtaking and inspiring project..."

Rabbi Kathleen de Magtige-Middleton, Middlesex New Synagogue
"Aluna would be an enhancement... not only useful and aesthetically pleasing, but particularly as a spiritually meaningful sculpture. The design reflects the waxing and waning of the Moon and of our bodies – which impact so much on our inner spiritual lives, but which are generally ignored in our often hectic modern lives.
Connecting our lives back to these natural cycles is one way in which we can enhance the spiritual dimension of our lives... Aluna emphasises that time is not solely dictated by the dials of our clocks and diaries, but the much greater process of creation in which we all partake. All these concepts seem to be captured in Aluna."

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Lionel Sims, Principal Lecturer Anthropology, University of East London, Consultant & Research Advisor to "Stonehenge Rediscovered" (Parthenon Entertainment) released by National Geographic & Channel 5
"About six thousand years ago the people of what later became known as Europe faced a turning point in their history. The hunting way of life was finally coming to an end, and agriculture was becoming necessary for survival. Life under the rhythm of the Moon was to be replaced with the order of the Sun. To keep contact with a memory of those more carefree times, Stonehenge and other monuments were built as both portals to a lost way of life and machines to balance the Moon with the Sun.
Many feel that we are now at another turning point of history… Aluna lets us rediscover how the Moon can moderate our lives and lift our spirits. Aluna looks to the stars with ever-fluctuating lunar light, while its roots are set in the oceans’ tides. It is an inspiration to those who want to ride above the divisions that hold us back. Looking above, below and around with hope, it is our modern Stonehenge."

Colin Bell, Head of Applications & Prof Andrew Willmott, Director, National Oceanography Centre
"We are excited to support Aluna and fully endorse the concept which will bring together art and science in a totally unique way... Aluna encompasses both 'Time and Tide' which are key elements to the work undertaken at the National Oceanography Centre and our predecessors over the years."

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Alan Ereira, film-maker whose work includes "From the Heart of the World: The Elder Brothers' Warning", and "ALUNA"
"Aluna is, in Kogi philosophy, the mind inside nature. The wonderful design of the Aluna project invites meditation on that. We live in the chasm between past and future – Aluna is the bridge."

Carl Honoré, author of "In Praise of Slow"
"Aluna is more than just a stunning piece of art. It is a call to arms against the tyranny of the digital clock. We need Aluna now more than ever, to remind us that Nature has her own rhythms."

Jane Taylor, Positive News
"What a tremendous project! Aluna will be a great reminder of the natural cycles and our place in the cosmos. Let's hope it will mark a turning point in our affairs when we begin again to live in harmony with nature."

Alison Taylor, Thames Explorer Trust
"We take thousands of Londoners young and old out onto the foreshore every year. This means that we are always talking to people about tides and hence the Moon.
London is situated where it is because of the tides (and Moon) as it was the furthest upriver the tides reached in Roman times when London was founded. The Romans used the tides as a free energy source to bring their boats upriver from the sea. So the Moon has strong connections with our capital!"

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Docklands Light Railway
"On behalf of Docklands Light Railway (DLR) I wish to back the Aluna Moon Clock project. It is an impressive proposal that would represent a striking landmark for the Lower Lea Valley, London. Aluna's key themes of regeneration, community understanding and social inclusion are in line with DLR objectives and have been key factors in the ongoing renaissance of the Docklands. The DLR considers the project an asset to both the area it encompasses and London itself." David Sanders, Stakeholder & Publicity Manager, Docklands Light Railway.

Samantha Heath, Director, London Sustainability Exchange
"Aluna seeks to promote an understanding of the rhythms of our natural world. The sustainability of our planet depends on us respecting those rhythms and supporting the planet, not depleting its resources.
London Sustainability Exchange believes Aluna will promote a new respect and understanding of the Earth, the Moon, the tides and the energy they create. As an inspirational beacon, Aluna has huge potential to unite Londoners to work together to becoming the most sustainable world city.
London Sustainability Exchange's mission is to accelerate the transition to a sustainable London by connecting and motivating people. We very much look forward to being involved with Aluna's realisation."

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Councillor Denise Jones - London Borough of Tower Hamlets
"The Aluna project is a unique imaginative and educational arts installation that will be of interest to all communities in Tower Hamlets."

Bob Harris, Chair of TourEast London
"The Aluna Project is going to help make valuable connections to existing maritime heritage and the creative arts sectors in east London. We welcome this initiative and can see it taking its place within the vibrant visitor economy of the fastest growing destination in London."

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Paul Allen FRSA, Development Director, Centre for Alternative Technology
"The Centre for Alternative Technology gives its full support to the Aluna project at the East India Basin. We feel it is an exemplar of what can be achieved in integrated habitat design, prioritising ecology and environment within development, and creatively showing how these can work powerfully together. The scheme, which will be zero carbon across the whole development, will preserve a rare nature reserve in the heart of London and will draw a world city's attention to the urgency of climate issues. The relationship of the scheme to nature's cycles will be evident through the reserve itself, the tidal-powered clock, the natural materials and living roofs of The Aluna Foundation eco-cultural centre, the renewable energy provided on site, all set around this rare and ecologically complex site. The opportunities for community benefit and regeneration are also enhanced, by involving local organisations and inhabitants in consultation of the scheme, through to employment, training, education and management of the project in use. CAT applauds the efforts that have been made to combine zero carbon targets with ecological principles and is pleased to support this exciting project."

Rita Bensley, Chair, Association of Island Communities
"Aluna is a wonderful project. It will bring interest back to the River and will remind people how the river should be used. It will educate the youngsters, bring communities together and allow us to appreciate the similarities between all cultures."

Robert G Crouch MVO - HM Bargemaster Ret., former Master of The Company of Watermen & Lightermen
"The Aluna project has a strong relevance to the history of the Thames. In addition to being a practical apparatus for the river people of today, it also links adeptly to the past.

The ancient watermen considered the moon a deity, a Goddess who controlled their working lives through the rise and fall of the river's water. They considered the tides of London's river as the breathing rhythm of the great watercourse that lay through the land. The lunar Goddess controlled these tides; the eternal rhythm of water, the 'universal carrier', gave a pulse to the life of the area and to its inhabitants.

The population of that time were great users the river, it being the natural highway linking the settlements built along its banks. They were very aware of the state of the tides, they knew by the activity of the birds and the smells in the very air they breathed if the river was on the flood or the ebb and when the turn was due. The bustle and tempo of the boats passing to and fro would rise and fall in tune to the slowly pulsating tempo of the water. Even their weather was (and is still now) affected by the tides, often changing as the current's direction turned from one way to the other.

The Aluna Project, to build a great moon-phase tide clock, could not be more pertinent to the river fraternity, not only to the rivermen and women of today, but also to the memory of those bygone generations of Thames watermen."

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