Aluna - Tidal Powered Moontime


Aluna is powered by the very thing it is designed to measure, the Moon.

The Moon creates the tides and Aluna transforms the tides’ kinetic energy into electricity, most likely utilising latest tidal current technology - turbines that sit in the water and ‘go with the ebb and flow’.

Efficient use of renewable energy is one of the project's primary objectives, and any excess energy generated will provide power for Aluna’s Visitors’ Centre and surroundings.

Aluna’s sustainability reflects the Moon - literally. The percentage of Moon surface illuminated is directly mirrored in the energy consumption of the mechanism. Around New Moon, when the phase ring is unlit, Aluna conserves more energy than it uses. During that time valuable energy is stored in buffer batteries for Full Moon times.

To further conserve energy, daylight sensors will be used to regulate the colour of light and the surface area illuminated when the Sun is up.

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