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Monthly Giving Scheme / Business Support from DTZ / BBC Mundo and National Geographic Feature Aluna / Aluna Plans Presented to Kogi / Greenwich Meridian Scheme / First Live Installation of Alunatime in the World / Other News
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In order to ensure Aluna's continuing progress towards realisation, The Aluna Foundation is looking to build a solid base of core funding from supporters in London, the UK and around the world.

Please consider supporting us regularly. We now have a secure PayPal facility on our Friends page to set up a weekly, monthly or annual payment. All contributions – small or large – will add up quickly to provide longer term financial security for vital running costs (rent, energy, communications, etc), enabling the team to focus on the larger fundraising needed to deliver the project. Please GiftAid it: checking the GiftAid box will mean your contribution is 28% more valuable to us!

You can also donate in other ways – please visit the Friends page to find out more. We really value your support as we gear up to take the project through its next development and planning stages.


DTZ logo

Aluna is delighted to welcome on board leading global real estate adviser DTZ to the team of professional firms working on the Aluna project. Members of DTZ's development consultancy team will be providing a headline economic impact statement on a pro bono basis. The economic impact statement will be used by Aluna to support fundraising bids and the project planning process, and will make a significant contribution to the success of the project.

For further details contact: Richard Howard Tel: +44 (0)1179 105 275 or Maria Lambert-Carter Tel: +44 (0)20 3296 3479

Aluna met DTZ through Prince Charles' charity Business In The Community, who continue to assist us with mentoring and introductions.


Earlier this year, Aluna was featured in the first National Geographic Green Magazine, click here to read Daisy Dumas' article from the Spring 2010 issue.

In May, Aluna's artist Laura Williams and endorser Alan Ereira were both interviewed at the proposed meridian location on London's Thames. The Spanish piece produced by journalist Alejandra Martins for BBC World Service BBC Mundo focuses on the thinking behind the Aluna Moon Clock, the significance of such a project in a global financial and cultural capital, and its connection with an indigenous group from the highest coastal mountain in the world: the Kogi of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia.

Laura Williams, Alejandra Martins and Alan Ereira at proposed Aluna site Laura Williams, Alejandra Martins and Alan Ereira at proposed Aluna site

Click here to watch the piece in Spanish

Click here to read the article


The choice to name the moon clock Aluna was inspired by the Kogi people's message to mankind, whose word: "Alúna" is the 'cosmic ocean', the mind inside nature. The Kogi have a profoundly deep understanding of our planet and the cosmos and are currently making a film to convey their urgent message to mankind:

Laura wrote to the Kogi in 2005 to communicate her vision and explain her choice to use the Kogi's word Alúna. On Wednesday 22nd September 2010, Laura presented the Aluna moon clock plans in person to Jacinto Zarabata, the first Kogi ever to visit Britain. The Aluna Foundation looks forward to exploring how the two projects – Aluna in London and the Kogi Aluna documentary – can emphasise and reinforce each other, and help to forge cultural and environmental links between Colombia and the United Kingdom.

Aluna presented to Kogi Jacinto Zarabata Laura Williams, Jacinto Zarabata and Alan Ereira


This year the Aluna team have been focusing on feasibility work around the proposed location on the Greenwich Meridian line – adjacent to The O2, the AEG Hotel and Banqueting Centre and the Peninsula Quays development, and close to North Greenwich tube and Ravensbourne College.

Meridian Aluna Site

Aluna are now in discussions with potential funders to assist with developing the project to get the necessary planning permissions. This exciting Greenwich Peninsula location is directly overlooked by the towers at Canary Wharf, London's global finance centre. There is also the possibility that Aluna will become a landmark eco-pier for a new ferry crossing from Canary Wharf to the Greenwich Peninsula. More news soon…


Alunatime Clock Click to enlarge

Aluna's artist Laura Williams has been collaborating with electronic design engineer Simon Jones, Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory and artists Ian Robert Felton and Andrew Baldwin to create the first live installation of Alunatime in the world: at Trinity Buoy Wharf London E14. The 5metre tall moon and tide clock will be located on the corner of the Rivers Thames and Lea. Click here for map

The clock will provide the Wharf and river users with live astronomical and tidal data specific to this exact location, as well as a seating area to watch the moon rising and setting and the tides flowing by. Alunatime will be displayed by 2 clock faces, each with 5,000 LEDs, housed in a 1.2m diameter case which is mounted on an antique cast iron station pillar. Visit and join the Aluna Moon Clock Group on Facebook to see the latest pictures of the clock's construction.

The clock will be launched on the full moon of October 22nd 2010. Our thanks go to all who have enabled the project to happen. Funding partners and material sponsors include Trinity Buoy Wharf Trust, Royal Astronomical Society, Sika, Hanson and Trinity Buoy Wharf tenants who came together to crowd fund the construction of the clock's base. There will be a more detailed project summary with full list of supporters prior to the launch.

You can visit the clock from late October onwards… Trinity Buoy Wharf is one of London's riverside gems only a stone's throw from the meridian and is open to the public 7 days a week. Other time related projects at the Wharf are Marcus Vergette's Time and Tide Bell, and Jem Finer's Longplayer – housed in the Experimental Lighthouse.


The moon continues to connect different cultures and belief systems around the globe. This vernal equinox moon signified extra high and low tides, and celebrated many festivals around the world:

  • Rosh Hashannah, the Jewish New Year
  • Ramadan's end and the start of the Muslim Festival of Ede
  • Ganesha Chaturthi, Hindu Lord Ganesha's birthday. According to legend, Ganesha's mother Parvati punished the moon for mocking her son's 'cosmic' belly by cursing it so that whoever looks at it on this day will be accused of wrong doing!
  • Tsukimi, the Japanese Moon Viewing Festival
  • China's Mid-Autumn Moon Festival

The next moon – known as the Ivy or Blood moon in Pagan calendars - will celebrate the Pagan New Year Samhain as well as Kathina, the largest alms giving festival in the Buddhist world, held by monasteries throughout Thailand, Burma and Sri Lanka for one month starting on the full moon of the 22nd. The month will end on the 5th November with the Hindu Diwali Festival of Lights, always celebrated during the darkest part of the moon's cycle, and this year coinciding with Guy Fawkes.


Aluna at the Science Museum / New Aluna Meridian Site
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Aluna's artist Laura Williams is participating at an evening event at the Dana Centre and Science Museum in London this coming Monday 1st February. The event is part of the 1001 Inventions Programme, and will be all about 'Time and the Moon', and how the Moon has been important to cultures and religions around the world since human societies first arose. We have used it to light our way, tell the time, navigate at sea and chart a course through social and religious life.

Speakers include Aluna's endorsers David Rooney, Curator of Transport, Science Museum and former Curator of Timekeeping at Royal Observatory Greenwich, and Dr Usama Hasan, Imam at Tawhid Mosque and Senior Lecturer, Middlesex University. The evening is being facilitated by BBC Science Correspondent Pallab Ghosh, who recently presented a feature about Aluna on BBC Radio's Today Programme - click here to listen.

Presentations will be followed by a guided tour around the Science Museum galleries. Please click here for more information. Unfortunately the event is fully booked, however, if you are keen to go, there is a reserve list which is worthwhile registering on - call the Booking Office on 020 7942 4040 or e-mail

ALUNA - 51º30'N, 0º0'E

Talks with key stakeholders continue to progress very positively regarding Aluna's realisation over the Thames foreshore on the Greenwich Meridian. This high profile site is adjacent to The O2 and the future Peninsula Quays development, and directly opposite Canary Wharf. Most recently, Aluna has gained support from both its land-based neighbours. See the London page for more information.

Aluna's team will shortly begin site-specific development studies and develop the scheme for the planning process... we will keep you posted with developments.


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