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Latest News 2014

Mayoral Support / New Greenwich Leadership Support / Become an Aluna Pioneer / Aluna Design Team Complete / Aluna Education / Aluna the Movie / Festive Wishes

Mayor of London Logo

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“As the best big city in the world, London’s world class cultural offer brings people from across the globe to our great capital. Aluna can only enhance this cultural offer, drawing international visitors and Londoners alike to Greenwich Riverside, an emerging urban district. The Thames runs through the heart of our mighty city and it is fitting that a monument such as Aluna – harnessing the best of British innovation, craftsmanship and creativity – is built to celebrate the Greenwich Prime Meridian, our city and the river that forged it. As a unique waterfront public space, Aluna will act as a breathtaking focus for cultural and educational events on one of the most historic waterfronts in the world. I am in full support of this scheme and the GLA is working with Aluna to ensure its successful delivery and the creation of another lasting legacy for London.” Boris Johnson, Mayor of London

Boris Johnson has personally endorsed Aluna, and The Aluna Foundation was awarded a development grant from the Mayor of London/Greater London Authority. This support has enabled Aluna to make significant progress over the last year, alongside grants from the Ramboll Foundation, Trinity Buoy Wharf Trust, Mike Davies CBE and the Royal Astronomical Society, and the immense in kind support from Aluna team members.


Aluna was recently presented to the new Leader of Greenwich, Councillor Denise Hyland and members of her Executive team. Royal Greenwich is pleased to support the proposed Aluna scheme and will be advising us through the project’s development within and for the borough and its communities. The project is hugely exciting for us and for the whole of London, but we also recognise that it will be of most direct interest to the residents and businesses of the Greenwich Peninsula, and the river and surrounds. Our design development is temporarily on hold whilst we fundraise, however we will be making a further announcement in due course regarding the public consultation, scheme design and 2015 planning programme.


With GLA and Royal Greenwich support in place, The Aluna Foundation is now fundraising for the resources required to secure detailed planning permission for Aluna on the Greenwich Peninsula waterfront. If you are interested in becoming an Aluna Pioneer sponsor, supporting Aluna for this most critical and defining stage, we would love to hear from you. Please email or call the studio on 01297 680680 for more information. Aluna’s Pioneers are transformational people and will be specifically recognised on site at Aluna and during this next exciting development phase.


Aluna’s design and development team is now complete and ready to take the scheme through its scheme design development, environmental studies and planning submission as soon as the funds are in place.

We are delighted to be joined by leading Dublin architects Heneghan Peng and Innsbruck lighting designers Bartenbach.

AECOM have recently been appointed as Aluna’s planning and EIA consultants. Our thanks to Land Use Consultants for their fantastic planning expertise and services up to this point, and the in kind support they have committed to Aluna over many years. Aluna’s team has also recently been joined by Her Majesty’s Nautical Almanac Office (HMNAO) who are advising Aluna on astronomical alignments specific to the site. Law firm Kaye Scholer has been providing pro bono financial and tax law advice.

Please visit our Team page to see the full line up.


Aluna Education’s first pilot is nearing completion and will be launched in spring 2015. STEM Ambassadors from Ramboll UK, Aluna’s structural engineers, will be delivering workshops in local Greenwich primary schools, and national curriculum teaching resources will available online to schools nationwide. If you work at a primary school local to Greenwich and are interested in taking part in this pilot, please contact Laura Williams on 01297 680 680 or email


Please watch the Kogi and film maker Alan Ereira's newly released feature length documentary all about 'Aluna' – the mind inside Nature, the threads that connect us all.


Many thanks for your continued support for Aluna, we look forward to bringing you more news in the new year. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas, a Happy Solstice and a wonderful 2015!


Aluna Prepares for Planning / Aluna Education Programme / Study Shows Full Moon Affects Sleep / Aluna on the Robert Elms Show

Aluna Greenwich Meridian artist impression

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The Aluna team has been immensely busy in determining the optimum location for Aluna prior to preparing a full planning application later this year.

The Aluna Foundation has recently submitted a scoping report to the Royal Borough of Greenwich about the work we propose to do to assess the potential environmental impacts of the project at the proposed Thames waterfront location on the north west of the Greenwich Peninsula. This progress has been facilitated by grants from the Ramboll Foundation, Trinity Buoy Wharf Trust, Michael Davies Charitable Settlement and the Royal Astronomical Society, as well as significant pro bono support kindly provided by Aluna team members.

An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is an important part of the technical process we need to go through to design our scheme sensitively and secure the necessary permissions to construct Aluna at this exciting Greenwich Meridian site. The scoping opinion application number is 14/0689/EIA and can be viewed here.

The project is hugely exciting for us and for the whole of London, but we also recognise that it will be of most direct interest to the residents and businesses of the Greenwich Peninsula, and the river and surrounds. We will be making a further announcement in due course regarding the public consultation, scheme design and planning programme.

Aluna Greenwich Meridian artist impression

Aluna has attracted an impressive design and EIA team who are working together to progress the project scheme through EIA to planning: Ramboll UK, David Powell Associates, Land Use Consultants, GL Hearn, Dominic Cole Landscape Architects, Mark Major, Freshfields, Royal Haskoning DHV, Bournemouth University, HR Wallingford, IT Power, Gleeds and King’s College London. Visit the Aluna Team page for the full line up.


Aluna is also developing its first Education Programme with EBC Education. The programme will be piloted later this year with talks and workshops in local Greenwich schools, and online National Curriculum learning materials available to schools nationwide. More information soon…


In case you didn’t catch it at the time, news was published in 2013 about a study proving that the moon’s phase cycle has an influence on the way we sleep, and that we may even have an internal circalunar clock that keeps us in tune with the moon! BBC Science Correspondent Pallab Ghosh invited Aluna’s artist Laura Williams to join the discussion on Radio 4, and speak about the idea that the moon has long been part of our culture, and that for many cultures we are intimately entwined with lunar cycles. You can read more about the scientific study here.


Finally, the Alunatime Clock at Trinity Buoy Wharf was the subject of a Notes and Queries investigation on the Robert Elms Show, BBC London 94.9FM. Why not visit the clock at the historic Trinity Buoy Wharf, a wonderful place to experience moon and tide time and some lunch by the river.


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