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Latest News 2015

New Greenwich Leadership Support / Become an Aluna Pioneer

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Royal Greenwich and Denise Hyland

Councillor Denise Hyland, the new Leader of Royal Greenwich Council, has personally endorsed Aluna:

“Aluna will be a beautiful piece of public art combining time and tide. It has a natural alignment with Royal Greenwich in many ways.

Greenwich is recognised across the globe as the home of time and for its Maritime World Heritage Site, 02 Arena, Royal Artillery Barracks, Thames Barrier and other iconic landmarks. I believe the addition of Aluna to this suite of attractions will act as both an inspiration for our residents and students, and a major international tourist attraction.

Personally I can think of no better place for Aluna than here in Royal Greenwich at 0° Longitude. Not only is this a hugely significant location in terms of how we consider influence of the moon on our maritime activities, it will also celebrate the heritage of our river based city.

I am pleased that you are already working with Royal Greenwich officers to deliver Aluna and wish you every success in bringing this phenomenal landmark to our shores.”


With the wholehearted support from both the Mayor of London and Royal Greenwich now in place, The Aluna Foundation is busy fundraising for the resources required to secure detailed planning permission for Aluna on the Greenwich Peninsula waterfront. If you are interested in becoming an Aluna Pioneer sponsor, we would love to hear from you. Please email or call the studio on 01297 680680 for more information. Aluna’s Pioneers are transformational people and will be specifically recognised on site at Aluna and during this next exciting development phase.


We wish you a wonderful Easter and Passover – just two of the many cultural festivals around the world that are linked by the moon! Easter and Passover are both timed by the occurrence of the first full moon after the spring (vernal) equinox. This year the full moon is happening on the Easter/Passover weekend itself, and comes with a lunar eclipse. This is the second ecliptic alignment of earth, moon and sun this month - the first was the incredible solar eclipse on the spring equinox, which was significantly visible from here in the UK:

Eclipse 2015 UK


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