Aluna - Tidal Powered Moontime

A magnificent bridge-like construction, Aluna’s three static rings geometrically represent the time cycles of Alunatime.

Measuring approximately forty metres wide and five storeys high, the cantilevered superstructure has a skeleton of steel and is clad in translucent curved glass.

Underneath the glass lies a matrix of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) providing the illumination for the three rings. The LEDs are powered directly by renewable energy harnessed from the tides using on-site turbine technology.

Facing South, Aluna is aligned with the polar coordinates and is perfectly placed to follow the movements of the Moon as it crosses the sky. The keystone of the superstructure is the Lunar Day ring. Half above ground and half below, it represents the Moon above and below our horizon. With the Lunar Day ring leaning towards the Equator Aluna is unique to its geographic latitude, wherever it is situated on the globe.

The centre of Aluna’s rings will provide an inclusive, accessible space between the land and the water, where people can spend contemplative ‘time out’ whilst learning about our environment.

This challenging cantilever superstructure will be realised by world-class engineers in a way that is simple, practical, durable and cost effective.

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