Aluna - Tidal Powered Moontime

By looking at how each of Aluna’s three giant rings is illuminated, you can tell the phase and position of the Moon, and the height of the tides. This animation of light is called ‘Alunatime’ and flows slowly and continuously around the structure in a clockwise direction.

Wax & Wane
The largest ring, the Lunar Phase, shows the wax and wane of the Moon - a process that takes 29.5 calendar days. At New Moon the unlit ring begins to gradually ‘wax’ on. By Full Moon, the whole ring is illuminated, the circle of light complete. The ring then ‘wanes’ back to its unlit state, and at the next New Moon the cycle begins again. Click to view a full cycle.

Rise & Set
The 24 hour 50 minute Lunar Day is represented by a ring half above ground and half below. A band of light points directly to the Moon’s position in the sky. When the Moon is below our horizon, you’ll see the ring lit below your feet.

Ebb & Flow
A smaller band of light follows the progress of the tides. High at high tide and low at low tide, this cycle takes 12 hours 25 minutes. Synchronised at a ratio of 2:1, the Lunar Day and Tide cycles are Aluna’s ‘heartbeat’.

Day & Night

Alunatime is visible 24 hours a day. During darkness, Aluna emits white light. As the Sun rises, the white light fades and the leading edges of the structure turn to colour, conserving energy while maximising visibility.

Watch Aluna 3D Animation

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Animation programming by Peter Bennett