Aluna - Tidal Powered Moontime
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Aluna Greenwich Meridian artist impression
Click to enlarge artist impression of Aluna looking west (image Wagstaffs Design)

Aluna’s concept is universal and its form and principles can be situated anywhere on Earth. Alunatime is global - wherever you are watching the Moon, half the planet is able to watch it with you.

A Greenwich Prime Meridian Location
Aluna's Team are in discussions regarding an exciting location on the Greenwich Peninsula foreshore, next to The O2 Millennium Dome, an historic Drawdock, the proposed AEG Hotel and Peninsula Quays developments. Located here, Aluna will be almost exactly where the Meridian bisects the Greenwich Peninsula, and will be directly overlooked by the towers at Canary Wharf.

Supported by Greenwich Leadership
Greenwich Council are helping us to progress our proposals and stakeholder support. Click here to read what Greenwich Member of Parliament Nick Raynsford MP and Councillor Chris Roberts, Leader of Greenwich Council have to say.

Aluna Greenwich Meridian artist impression

London Sponsors
Aluna has received development funding from London agencies and organisations including the Mayor of London (Greater London Authority) and London Thames Gateway Development Corporation, Trinity Buoy Wharf Trust, Michael Davies Charitable Settlement and most recently Peninsula developers Greenwich Peninsula Regeneration Ltd, Lend Lease and Quintain, whose senior executives have also joined Aluna's Development Board to help progress the project to planning.

Meridian Sponsors Wanted
If you or your organisation would like to support one of the most unique projects ever to be realised in London, on the Greenwich Meridian, then please get in touch. Aluna presents an exciting and high profile sponsorship opportunity at the heart of one of the world's greatest cities. Please call Laura Williams at the Project Office +44 (0)7956 531714 or email

Individuals can also donate via PayPal by visiting our Friends page. Your contributions are hugely appreciated and will be acknowledged.

Aluna in The Press
Aluna has been featured on BBC Radio 4 and written about in National Geographic, The Docklands, Greenwich Mercury, The London Paper, The Evening Standard, Waltham Forest Guardian and The Wharf.

Luan Dun, City of The Moon
London, says Francis Crossley, is "Luan-dun", Celtic for "City of the Moon", and tradition says there was once a temple of Diana (the Moon) where St. Paul's now stands. Greenwich he derives from "Grian-wich", Celtic for "City of the Sun". (Dictionary of Phrase and Fable 1898)

Our moon helped all the world's great navigators find their way.


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proposed location