inspired and powered by nature

Aluna will be the world’s largest Moon and Tide Clock planned to open at 0° longitude on the Greenwich Peninsula in 2023. At 40m wide and 13m high, larger than Stonehenge, Aluna’s distinct shape is formed of three vast translucent recycled glass rings representing the lunar phase, the lunar day and the tide cycles. Light slowly encircling the piece tracks the waxing and waning of the Moon, its movement across our sky, and the ebbing and flowing of the tidal Thames.

A Lunar Month of Alunatime

images Mark Glean

a language of time in moving light

The National Oceanography Centre has designed Aluna’s master time code to tell the world’s most accurate lunar time, and Aluna’s geometry relates precisely to its function and is unique to its Greenwich Meridian location.

Aluna will showcase the best in regenerative design, innovation and engineering: built from 100% recycled glass and steel, illuminated by low energy LEDs and powered by the Sun and Moon using onsite solar panels and tidal turbines. Aluna will be upgradeable for future generations and eco-engineered to enhance the Thames’ intertidal habitat.

The first of Aluna’s capital elements was installed in March 2020: a 1.5kWp, 554 PV solar panel array on the roof of the neighbouring Arora Ballroom, that will provide free renewable power for Aluna.

The array was enabled by Aluna’s community energy partners SELCE and its community shareholders, the London’s London Community Energy Fund, Arora Group and others.


Alunatime: A Language of Time In Moving Light

© Laura Williams

Designed by artist Laura Williams as a place of celebration and connection, Aluna’s rings will create a large public space for international festival, education and community events… or just to enjoy quiet reflection on the banks of London’s magnificent tidal River Thames.
The desire for people to reconnect with nature and each other lies at the heart of this monument, which takes its inspiration from the Moon – something we all see, whoever and wherever we are.

Aluna at Night

artist impression by Mark Glean