People’s Summit, Rio+20, 2012 photo by Felipe Dana


When we watch the Moon in London and the UK, half the world is watching it with us.

Aluna is a symbol of global unity and a beacon for a new emerging culture, as we learn to understand and care for the Earth and each other, transform our cultures and technologies, and transition to a zero carbon, socially just future.

“If you want to write a song about the human race, write a song about the Moon.”
Paul Simon

Diwali - New Moon
Celebrating Loi Krathong - Full Moon
Celebrating Eid - First Crescent Moon
Easter - Vernal Equinox Full Moon
Sukkot - Full Harvest Moon
Total Solar Eclipse - 1999
Mid Autumn Festival - Full Harvest Moon

Photo Credits

Igor Bulgarin, Rudra Narayan Mitra, ChameleonsEye, Killua


Aluna will be a place of gathering and a festival space for everyone, of all backgrounds, all cultures. Transcending all divisions, Aluna will present an opportunity to think about our shared global heritage, and celebrate international cultures through the many festivals timed by the Moon, including: Easter, the Chinese, Jewish, Vietnamese, Hindu and Islamic new years, Passover, Rosh Hashanah, Ramadan, Eid, Wesak, Chinese Mid-Autumn Moon Festival, Thai Loi Krathong, Tsukimi, Holi and Diwali.

Through live and digital programmes, Aluna will inspire people to explore and celebrate humanity’s relationships with nature, and learn why and how we protect our fragile and interconnected ecosystem, now and into the future. Although physically located in London, Aluna’s reach will extend to all of the UK and the world.

“We need celebratory social spaces to look backwards and forwards in time, where our collective knowledge, intuition and a sense of wonder at what is possible can come together.”
Lucy Neal, Theatre Maker, Writer, Community Activist

Moonlight on the Thames

Thames Moonlight, 51°30’N, 0°10’W

photo Laura Williams

The word Alúna comes from the Kogi people of Colombia, the last surviving civilization from the world of the Inca and Aztec. Their cities in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta are untouched by our world.

The Kogi conveyed their message to humanity through their films From the Heart of the World and more recently Alúna, in which they ask us to slow down and understand the critical interconnections within our natural world.

In Kogi philosophy, Alúna is the mind inside nature.

The entity out of which all things are born, in which everything is contained. In Alúna there is the memory of the past and the potential for the future.

Alúna forms the bridge between the universe and the human spirit.

Origin Myth of the Kogi People, Colombia